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Benefits of Joining CPES

Benefits of membership include:
1) Inclusion in Resource Directory
2) Promotion of services and events on CPES website, Facebook and blog
3) Access to all CPES events
4) Eligibility for support of funding
5) Participation in networking and resource shoring opportunities
6) Opportunity to join subcommittees relevant to community action projects.

Criteria for Membership

Participation Eligibility/Criteria: Article III Section 1
Effective October 1, 2015 in order to become a member of CPES, interested parties must apply online and be subject to approval by the executive committee. Applications will be reviewed and approved within 60 days of submission. 

Requirements of Membership:
1) Attendance at 75% of General Membership meetings
2) Participation in at least 1 Subcommittee (See below for list of subcommittes)
3) Interest in supporting the mission and vision of CPES
Enrollment is open. Complete the Photo Release Waiver and email it us. Contact us at info@cpesva.org to join today!


Our current Bylaws and Code of Conduct. This document details the structure, mission, and roles of all CPES operations.


A directory of current member agencies and organizations. This directory lists each agency’s lead CPES representative and their contact information.


A list of all CPES subcommittees and its current members. The mission of CPES is dependent on the quality of work that takes place in each subcommitte.