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September 2023 Newsletter

September 2023 Newsletter

🍁 Embrace September with Flavor and Purpose!

As the curtain falls on summer and we usher in the rich tapestry of September, our hearts are warmed by the promise of new beginnings. We’re delighted to present an enchanting medley of updates and delights that will surely light up your month.

🌟 Celebrating Community and Wellness: CPES General Membership Meeting

Mark your calendars for the revamped General Membership meeting on September 13th. As we gather to not only network but also dive deep into the wellspring of community resources that elevate CPES to extraordinary heights. It’s not just a meeting; it’s a convergence of ideas, a symphony of collaboration, and a celebration of what makes CPES truly remarkable.

🌻 Partner Spotlight: Social Security Administration

As the pages of the calendar turn, we shift our spotlight to our Partner of the Month, the Social Security Administration. Their unwavering dedication to providing financial protection to our citizens for over 80 years shines like a guiding star. Let’s join hands in celebrating their mission, a reminder that unity and support are the cornerstones of a strong community.

🥞 A Symphony of Flavors – Recipe of the Month

As we step into the golden embrace of September, a month that bridges the warmth of summer with the crisp allure of autumn, our culinary journey takes an exquisite turn. Prepare your taste buds for a sensational experience as the recipe of the month is Curried Chicken with Poblano Peppers and Figs. A symphony of robust flavors, this dish will serenade your senses and leave an indelible mark on your palate.

🍂 September’s Pathway: Embrace, Engage, Excel

As September welcomes us with open arms, inviting us to embrace change, engage with our surroundings, and strive for excellence. And what better way to mark this transition than by sharing your events with us? If you have an upcoming event that resonates with our community, don’t hesitate to send the details to Jon Bulin (jbulin@escadv.org) by the 20th of the month.

As September’s hues deepen and the air grows crisper, we invite you to relish the flavors, seize the opportunities, and join hands with our Community Partners.