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Accomack County Public Schools’ Free Summer Feeding Program

Accomack County Public Schools’ Free Summer Feeding Program

Good news for families in Accomack County! In an effort to support the well-being of students during the summer break, Accomack County Public Schools is taking applications for their free summer feeding program, where meals are delivered right to your doorstep, at absolutely no cost. This program aims to ensure that no child in the community goes hungry during the summer break, providing essential nourishment while alleviating financial burdens for families.

By completing a simple form, families can enroll in this initiative and receive five days worth of nutritious meals conveniently delivered to their homes each week. This remarkable service aims to eliminate barriers such as transportation or access to food, guaranteeing that every child in the community has access to proper nutrition throughout the summer months.

Easy Enrollment Process

Enrolling in the free summer meal delivery program is a straightforward process. Interested families are required to submit the completed form to Arcadia High School no later than June 16th. It is available in Spanish as well. This form acts as an expression of interest and ensures that your household is considered for participation.

Addressing Food Insecurity

Food insecurity is an unfortunate reality for many families, and its impact on children’s physical and mental health cannot be understated. Accomack County Public Schools understands the challenges faced by families in the community and is dedicated to addressing this issue head-on. By providing free summer meals, the district aims to alleviate food insecurity, enabling children to thrive and ensuring they have the fuel they need to enjoy a healthy and active summer.