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Wellness Connections

Wellness Connections

Linking Shore residents with local, expert health tips and advice that can improve the quality of life for our entire Shore community.

What will I do as a Wellness Connector?

  • Share wellness information within your circle of influence in whatever format works: meetings, shared emails, organizational newsletters, faith-organization bulletins, etc.
  • Participate in Riverside-led health education and activities and encourage your circle of influence to participate as well.
  • Encourage informal activities to promote a healthy lifestyle: walking club, sharing healthy recipes, etc. The activities can be tailored to suit the preferences of each group.
  • Advise Riverside on topics of interest to your circle of influence.

What is the time commitment?

Many of our communications can be enjoyed from home on your schedule. There will be occasional virtual and/or in-person meetings.

What qualities will make for a good Wellness Connector?

  • Be passionate about wellness and about improving the quality of life on the Shore.
  • Be friendly, approachable, confident, credible.
  • Be an effective communicator and a good listener.
  • Encourage a culture of health through camaraderie, enthusiasm, and leadership.
  • Model healthy behaviors and understand that everyone is at a different point along their wellness journey. Some of the best advocates are a work in progress and can share their challenges and successes.
  • Proficiency with email and social media will be helpful as much information will be made available that way.

What are the benefits to me and/or my circle of influence?

  • The opportunity to make a difference in the health of our Shore community.
  • Reliable advice on staying healthy from local experts you can trust.
  • Be among the first to hear of innovations and expansions in health care on the Shore.
  • Education materials for distribution (electronic and/or printed).
  • Health experts to speak to your organization or group.
  • As a thank you for your service, Wellness Connectors receive a 10% discount at the Carousel Gift Shop at RSMH on the first Wednesday of every month from 4-6 pm, courtesy of the RSMH Auxiliary, PLUS special preview days before big sale events.

How do I volunteer to become a Wellness Connector?

  • If you are interested in making a difference in the health of the people of the Eastern Shore, please contact Riverside’s Community Relations Director at 757-302-2140 or email sally.schreiber@rivhs.com.
  • Application file here: bit.ly/327auVI